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Know Everything About Every Deal

When it comes to protecting and growing your hard earned capital, nothing should be left to chance or remain unclear. No one wants to be unprepared or uninformed during negotiations. That’s why we believe premium features should come standard - so you can focus on easily closing the best deals possible.

Metric/Ratio Calculations

Easily calculate a wide variety of essential, financial metrics that simplify and clarify the feasibility of a given deal. Even the most basic diagnostics can succinctly communicate the overall strength and suitability of a potential investment opportunity. Our Metric/Ratio Calculations feature is a standard tool ready to help you summarize any deal, answer core performance questions, and better navigate the due diligence process.

Deal Assumption Assistant

Swiftly obtain answers related to common terminalogy, calculations, and ranges. While organizing or vetting a potential deal, it is important for everyone to be speaking the same language and to be verifying performance metrics. Our assumption assistant can help guide you along by defining unfamilar glossary terms, providing equations to clarify financial calculations, and offering insight into generally expected performance ranges.

Sensitivity Analysis

Reliably determine how changing independent values influence other dependent elements within your deal based on the structure’s underlying assumptions. When fielding curve-ball what-if scenario questions or stress-testing the entire concept of a deal, it is crucial to have the most thorough and accurate estimates prepared ahead of time. Our Sensitivity Analysis feature allows you to simulate changing conditions and mitigate risks during due diligence.

Deal Summary Pro Formas

Thoroughly assess the projected inflows and outflows of potential deals with speed, ease, and accuracy. Creating and updating an all encompassing pro forma is an essential aspect for any investment proposal undergoing due diligence, but one miscalculation could jeopardize the whole deal or even worse. Our Deal Summary Pro Formas feature saves you the time, energy, and headache from maintaining those intricate spreadsheets and gives you the confidence to close the deal.

Bank Report Pro Formas

Skillfully generate organized, institutional quality reports to help your banking partners assess your deal’s projected financials. Pro formas are tedious instruments to manage on their own, let alone make visually appealing for others to digest with ease. Our Bank Report Pro Formas feature does just that - it bridges the gap between dense financial logic and creative design aesthetic so your reports are both functionally sound and visually engaging.

Waterfall Summaries

Effortlessly create distribution tiers and hurdle rates that make sense for the specific requirements of your unique deal structure. Each party within a given transaction wants to know when and how capital will be disbursed throughout the lifecycle of a given project. Our Waterfall Summaries feature is designed to shed light on that distribution sequence and timeline so that everyone is on the same, clear page from the very start.

Property Level Analytics

Intuitively manage and evaluate all of the minutiae of each property within a given deal. As projects increase in size and scale, so does all the associated financial data. Our Property Level Analytics feature streamlines and organizes this task so that managing the details never over shadows managing the deal itself.

Deal Optimization Scenarios

Quickly compare intricate deal structures to identify the most desirable, risk-adjusted options for your team and investors. Why would anyone want to settle for a subpar investment opportunity or be caught off guard mitigating risk when a better deal is within reach. Our Deal Optimization Scenarios feature narrows that reach by providing you with a more thorough understanding of how a given deal is designed to perform towards specific goals.