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Deals Analyzed. Deals Closed.

Analyze, Optimize, and Present Any Deal of Any Size in a Matter of Minutes.

No more confusing spreadsheets and reports standing between you and the closing table. No more wasting time. No more lingering uncertainties. Just deals analyzed and deals closed.

Image of the DealMate App Dashboard
Image of the DealMate App Dashboard
Image of the DealMate App Dashboard
Image of the DealMate App Dashboard

Who is DealMate for?

Analyze your deals and prepare financials in a matter of minutes, not days.

For Investors

As an investor, you want to maximize returns and deversify risks from the best deals possible. Your portfolio depends on it regardless of whether you focus on single family home rentals, multi-family home rentals, BRRRR deals, or fix & flips. This requires analyzing, optimizing, and stress-testing every data point with accuracy and reliability. With DealMate, we put the tools to do this in your hands.

For Developers

As a developer, you want to create the best deals possible. Your bottom line and reputation depend on it when building anything - from small corner stores to mega shopping malls. This requires creating, analyzing, and communicating your vision for every project with confidence and transparency. With DealMate, we make that process easier and more enjoyable.

For Property Managers

As a property manager, you want to optimize your portfolio in order to maximize returns for your property owners and your own firm. This requires monitoring and comparing each property and clearly conveying the most efficient path forward. With DealMate, we assist you in currating the best portfolio of properties available.

For Bankers

As a banker, you want to be a certain and efficient source of funding for the top projects. This requires being as informed as possible when analyzing risk and making sure everyone on the deal has the latest information. With DealMate, we give you and your clients the ability to analyze even the smallest changes in real time.

What kind of properties can DealMate model?

Unlike our competition, you can analyze any deal of any size all in one place.

Residential Properties

Whether it's the construction of some new condos or the acquisition of several single family homes, DealMate can help you efficiently analyze all of your options. Stay organized, identify the right properties, and close the best deals. Perfect for SFH/MFH rentals, BRRRR deals, and fix & flips.

Commercial Properties

From retail shops and office spaces to medical centers and self-storage facilities, DealMate can help make sense of the intricate financials behind any potential deal. We give you the tools to help keep everyone on the same page and to help identify the best deals before the competition.

Mixed-Use Properties

No matter what property types might be mixed together under one roof, DealMate can assist you in organizing the complexities surrounding any potential deal. Our process is designed to walk through every key aspect of your deal to better understand the influence of every detail.

Industrial Properties

Negotiating, financing, and constructing large scale manufacturing plants and logistics centers comes with a variety of small, but crucial details. DealMate helps you manage every one with ease. We keep you focused on getting a great deal, not getting buried in spreadsheets.

Know a Great Deal to Close a Great Deal

The most versatile and intuitive analytic real estate software is here.

Premium Features Come Standard

  • Metric/Ratio Calculations
  • Sensitivity Analytics
  • Deal Summary Pro Formas
  • Bank Report Pro Formas
  • Waterfall Summaries
  • Property Level Analytics

Pricing Packages to Fit Your Needs

We don’t just want your business, we want to keep it and that means providing unparalleled value every step of the way. No matter what your deal size or project flow, we have a pricing package designed to serve your unique needs. In fact, you can experience our system first hand and without any commitment. No lengthy contracts. Just you and DealMate closing deals. Let’s get started today.